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corpus_obscura's Journal

Every Body Is Beautiful
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"Corpus Obscura" is a combining of "corpus corporis" (body) and "camera obscura" (the first type of camera, lit. dark room)

This is a community for people with eating disorders and body image issues to post pictures of themselves. However, you do NOT need to have an eating disorder, or any other kind of mental or physical illness to join - anyone who thinks this community would benefit them is welcome. This is NOT a thinspiration community! You do NOT have to be thin to post here - if fact, people of all shapes and sizes and welcomed and encouraged to post.

This community was created to give a place for people in the LJ ED community to post pictures outside of a thinspiration context. All people with eating disorders have issues with their body and a distorted perception of their appearance - therefore, hopefully by sharing photos we can gain a better understanding of our own bodies. This community is NOT pro-eating disorders in any way, and people undergoing recovery are welcome here. Having an eating disorder is also not required. Anyone who is uncomfortable or unsatisfied with their body for any reason is welcome.

What's allowed:
- Photos of you! Lost weight? Post pictures! Got a new haircut? Post pictures! Broke your arm? Post pictures!
- Photos of your progress or lack there of, both in your attempts to lose weight AND gain it in recovery.

*Posting isn't limited, but

What's not allowed:
- Pictures depicting any type of illegal activity
- Nudity
- Unclothed minors. If you're under 18, you MUST be wearing more than underwear in your photos.
- Photos of friends or random myspace people. Only post pictures of yourself. However, you MAY post photos of other people depending on the context. An example: Posting a picture of your friend because you think she's skinny is not ok; Posting a picture of your friend because she makes you feel good about yourself is ok.
- Using the words "ana" and "mia"
- Encouraging the continuation of a disorder (i.e., if someone is obviously underweight don't tell them they could stand to loose a few more pounds!)
- Constructive critism is welcome, but negative comments are not allowed.
- No community promos unless I approve them first.
- Also, do NOT repost any pictures that are posted here, unless the poster specifically states that it's ok.
- If you have any questions on what is or isn't allowed, please contact me and ask before posting.

Important information about compliments:
Please try to stay away from compliments that reinforce the idea that being severely underweight (or at any weight that would be unhealthy, really) is a positive thing. I want people to think they're beautiful for reasons other than how much they weigh (because it's true!), especially if their weight puts them at risk for serious health problems. Likewise, do NOT say that some aspect of another person is "to die for", as that choice of wording is clearly in bad taste in this context.

Also, complimenting people on their progress is not appropriate unless they are in recovery. If someone has lost weight by all means compliment their appearance, but don't compliment or encourage the actual weight loss process or suggest that the reason they look good is because of their weight.

When posting pictures, please include the following, and place your photos behind a cut. You must also including a warning when posting pictures with visible self-injury (SI). The reason for including this information is for the benefit of the other members, but you don't have to include anything that you're not comfortable sharing.


Current Themes and Challenges:
Weekly: Summer/Winter
Ongoing: The "I love me!" Self Esteem Challenge
My body is more than a weight, Part I : What makes me unique
My body is more than a weight, Part II : My physical talents

This community does not have open membership. If you would like to join, please post a comment to this entry in addition to clicking the Join Community link. You will not be accepted until you post a comment.

Also, to protect the privacy of the members, all posts will be friends-only.

Have fun!


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